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Windows 7 Editions Announced

February 3, 2009

Although additional “sku’s” are available, Microsoft is anticipating that two versions of Windows 7 will meet the needs of most people. Those two versions are Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional.

According to Mike Ybarra, general manager of Windows (see PressPass), the changes in Windows 7 will be three-fold:

  1. Make sure that editions of Windows 7 are a superset of one another. Thus, if you upgrade from one version to the next, you will not lose features and functionality that was in a previous edition.
  2. Windows 7 is designed so different editions of Windows 7 can run on a very broad set of hardware, i.e., netbooks to gaming desktops. My interpretation is that we should not be anticipating hardware shortfalls in Windows 7.
  3. Communication to make the choices clear.

Following is a description of the Windows 7 versions that will be available:

Windows 7 Starter – Intended for Small Notebooks (Netbooks)

  • Broad app and device compatibility with up to 3 concurrent applications
  • Safe, reliable, and supported
  • Ability to join a Home Group
  • Improved taskbar and JumpLists

Windows 7 Home Basic — Only for emerging markets

  • Unlimited applications
  • Live Thumbnail Previews & enhanced visual experience
  • Advanced networking support (ad-hoc wireless networks and internet connection sharing)
  • Mobility Center

Windows 7 Home Premium — Recommended for most home consumers

  • Unlimited applications
  • Aero Glass & advanced windows navigation
  • Easy networking & sharing across all your PCs & devices
  • Improved media format support, enhancements to Windows Media Center and media streaming, including Play To
  • Multi-touch and improved handwriting recognition

Windows 7 Professional — Home consumers needing additional features and functionality and for small business activities

  • Unlimited applications
  • Ability to join a managed network with Domain Join
  • Protect data with advanced network backup and Encrypting File System
  • Print to the right printer at home or work with Location Aware Printing

Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate — Medium-to-large business and enterprise customers that choose to license Windows through Software Assurance

  • Unlimited applications
  • BitLocker data protection on internal and external drives
  • DirectAccess provides seamless connectivity to your corporate network.
    (requires Windows Server 2008 R2)
  • Decrease time branch office workers wait to open file across the network with BranchCache. (requires Windows Server 2008 R2)
  • Prevent unauthorized software from running with AppLocker

Note: Ultimate includes all Enterprise and all Home Premium features, including multi-language packs. Windows 7 Enterprise is available only through Microsoft Volume Licensing

Press Pass:

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Windows Vista SP1 For All Supported Languages

April 17, 2008

Microsoft released Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) to Windows Update or for download of the standalone installer from the Microsoft Download Center (x86 and x64) for any of the 36 supported languages.



Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April 2008

April 8, 2008

Microsoft released the Security Bulletin for April, 2008. In addition to an updated version of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, there were five critical and three important security update released.




TechNet: Microsoft Security Bulletin for April 2008

MSRC Blog: April 2008 Monthly Release


User Account Protection

April 7, 2008

Windows Vista includes a feature called User Account Protection (UAP).  The purpose of UAP is to help cut down on any malicious software applications from running on your computer.  In addition, it will help prevent the beginner computer users from changing critical settings on a computer.

To learn how to use shut down, manually adjust UAP and suggested settings, see the instructions in User Account Control.


“How Do I?”

April 7, 2008

Hat tip, Roddy32:

MSDN provides a number of “How Do I” videos on various security issues for developers. As described at the site:

Here you’ll find videos that explore a variety of security questions for developers, including encryption, handling attacks, security best practices, and a lot more. New videos are added regularly, so check back often.

You can find the videos at the MSDN Security Development Center.