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Log’N’Rock Move Complete!

February 28, 2009

The boxes are unpacked, tutorials are on the shelves, and the staff at Log’N’Rock is ready to go.

Log’N’Rock is dedicated to helping users with computer issues while providing education about Computer Security. The main focus of the site is on Malware Removal & Computer Security related matters. Other help offered includes software, operating systems as well as internet browsers.  Access to our Security Tutorials & Guides is available from the Log’N’Rock Tutorials & Guides links.

If you are having computer problems, expert assistance by trained staff is available at Log’N’Rock for removing malware, computer viruses, trojans, and the like. Operating System, hardware and software assistance are also available.

Although thank you and a smile are always welcome, the help provided is free of charge.

Even if you aren’t having a problem with your computer, stop and in at the Rockin’ Lounge to say, “Hi”.



February 26, 2009

Whoa, what happened here?  What is with the name change?  Simply put, we’re movin’ on.  Yes, you have it.  The staff behind this site is relocating.  We will be known as Log’N’Rock.

The logo here is just temporary to get your attention.  Our star designer will come up with a brand new and exciting look for Log’N’Rock.  We are also planning some redecorating on the forums as well.  After all, why put all of the furniture back in the same place?

It is time for a change and we hope you will join us.  We will “Rock the House” together!

Stay tuned for details of this exciting move.


Firefox Update

April 17, 2008

Mozilla has released a Firefox Update, identified in the release notes as fixing MFSA 2008-20 Crash in JavaScript garbage collector. The latest version is now

If you have not yet been offered the update, Click Help >Check for updates.


Happy 2nd Anniversary, Security Cadets!

April 8, 2008

Congratulations to Security Cadets on reaching your second anniversary from your friends at BFC Computer Help.

Congratulations, Security Cadets!



April 6, 2008

Welcome to the official blog of BFC Computer Help !

Although we are just starting with a blog, the forums at BFC Computer Help have been providing malware removal assistance, security news and information since 2005.

We hope you enjoy our blog and appreciate your patience during our growing pains. Should you need assistance, please stop in at the forums at BFC Computer Help.